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We look forward to helping you reach your career goals at the Beo Training Center! Please click the course name to discover the many courses that we have to offer.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Beo Training Center continues to offer all forms of instruction through online, hybrid CNA courses.

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The Fastest Way To Become A CNA In The Front Range!

The Fastest Way To Become A CNA In The Front Range!

Our Programs

Our most popular program is the hybrid CNA course. During this course, students receive 24 hours of online “theory” coursework each week. This CNA training corresponds with one eight-hour hands-on skills session in the classroom. There are also two 12-hour clinical rotations, which take place at the Beo Training Center-approved health care location. Once you complete all of these course requirements, you can receive the Certificate of Completion, allowing you to register for the Colorado State CNA Exam for full CNA certification. Our hybrid healthcare CNA programs provide both online and in-class instruction, allowing students more flexibility. The hybrid program will enable studies to plan their day effectively, instead of rearranging schedules to accommodate training. Hybrid programs are an excellent solution for students looking to balance education with work and family commitments. These CNA classes are broken into three sections of coursework, all of which are required for graduation. The first section is the theory component, which consists of 40 hours. Here, students will learn theoretical concepts such as human anatomy, basic care, and communication skills in a classroom setting as opposed to practical skills learned in real-world medical setting. This section makes up the majority of what will be completed online to get your CNA training. The second section is referred to as the “skills” or laboratory component. This section makes up 28 hours of your time and is completed in the classroom, face-to-face. Students learn necessary nursing skills, including positioning, moving patients, safely lifting, taking vital signs, infection control principles, toileting, nutrition, grooming, and other hygiene requirements. The final section is the clinical component, making up 24 hours of training. You complete this section at the Beo Training Center-approved healthcare facility, which is required with all CNA certification. In your clinical experience, you will gain more hands-on practical experience while under a registered nurse’s supervision and guidance. Our CNA courses last two, three, or four weeks long. The total cost is $845. Your tuition includes loaner equipment, loaner scrubs, BLS training, text, workbook, and a TB skin test.
Wait, you mean I can become a CNA in two weeks? YES! This course may be the beginning of the path to your very successful medical career! You can become a Certified Nurse Aide in as little as two weeks with our two-week, full immersion course. All of our courses include your CPR-AED certification, urine drug screening, TB skin test, background check, text and workbook, and a gait belt. Additionally, we provide the use of blood pressure cuff and stethoscope kit, embroidered scrubs for clinicals, and a watch with a second-hand. Tuition also covers your state board exam fee.
Would you like to start a promising career? Are you stuck in a job that does not make you feel fulfilled? Become a CNA and fulfill your passions as an asset to any medical team! A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), also known as a nurse aide, takes care of patients’ basic needs, including bathing and feeding, and provides support to other medical professionals. All of our courses include your CPR-AED certification, urine drug screening, TB skin test, background check, text and workbook, and a gait belt. Additionally, we provide the use of blood pressure cuff and stethoscope kit, embroidered scrubs for clinicals, and a watch with a second-hand. Tuition also covers your state board exam fee.
If you have a lapsed certificate and are considering getting back into the workforce, let us help! Due to revisions in the testing material, it would be beneficial to hone your skills in this abbreviated course. Would you like to sharpen and remaster your skills? Take this course and feel confident again and become an asset to your team! For CNA renewals, you do not need to go through an entire CNA course again. This course will include your lecture and skills refresher course, along with a workbook and textbook. Students are responsible for scheduling the State Board Exam. While this class is NOT a requirement to sit for the Colorado board, it will prepare you to sit for the written and practical exam comfortably and confidently. Students receive all the lecture and lab training taught in the Immersion Course but does not include clinical training.
Want a quick boost in your salary and confidence? This CNA program builds on the existing skills you have by providing advanced training, thereby broadening the scope of care you can offer into Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. The eight-hour classes consist of lectures, medical technology reviews, post-tests, and lab clinicals with proficiency checklists. Participants receive a certificate of training after each day of module completion, and your certification makes you an asset to your skilled nursing facility!
Knowledge is power, and becoming CPR certified gives you the skills and knowledge to save lives and know you have the potential. If your certification is close to an expiration date, we also offer re-certification courses. You do not need to be a CNA to get CPR certified. Learn these essential life-saving skills to enhance any career. Students will be certified in both Adult and Child basic life support, following current guidelines. CPR and AED certifications are valid for two (2) years.
Preparing to help (assessing the situation). Learning legal considerations. Splinting. Control of bleeding. Care for a responsive or unresponsive person. Burns. Sudden illnesses. Environmental emergencies. Portable certification. In any nursing situation, you will face situations where your quick skills change the patient’s outcome. With all the above first aid skills in your arsenal, you can handle any emergency that comes your way.
IV Certification Courses. Increase your value for your clinical team and move up in your career with an IV certification! Our small class size and experienced instructor will ensure you know the material and feel confident in your skills. With small class sizes, there is plenty of one-on-one practice, and you will get your first successful IV start at the end of the one or two-day classroom session. From there, you will complete your IV certification requirements at a clinical location. IV Certification Courses are available for EMTs at $325 and LPNs at $400. Students will receive the curriculum designated by the Department of Health and Colorado State Board of Nursing. The IV Certification course was created to help EMT’s and LPN’s become well rounded in their scope of practice. This certification will allow you to establish IV access for fluids and medications and greatly expand your skills through lectures and hands-on experience in a clinical location.
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is an advanced course highlighting the importance of team dynamics and communication, and systems of care and immediate post-cardiac arrest. This class has all the up-to-date material and skills to ensure a cutting-edge practice. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is a systematic method for recognizing, assessing, and treating pediatric emergencies. This course includes a review of basic and advanced treatment for cardiac, respiratory, and shock emergencies. If you plan to work in the healthcare field, it is essential that you know both ACLS and PALS. With these skills, you can earn more in your career and be on the fast-track for advancement.

beo is partnered with:

  • MyCAA. We are approved for spouses of military members
  • VA approved, all chapters
  • Pikes Peak Workforce Center, call them at 719-667-3700. If you qualify, PPWC will pay for your full tuition
  • beo employees get a substantial discount on all courses

Creighton University EMS

Centura Health Locations, including St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver, Penrose Main Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs

UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central — CNA Clinical Location

UCHealth Memorial Hospital North–EMS Clinical Location

Parkview Medical Center–EMS and LPN Clinical Location

The University of Colorado Hospital, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora–EMS Clinical Location

Additional clinical sites for EMS students include all UCH locations in Colorado to  include Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland

Good News Students - Clinicals have resumed

We are happy to announce that UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central is allowing CNA students back! Every Beo class will include hands on clinical time in this premier hospital setting, effective September 2020.

What students say?

Mary loves her job/what she does, and it definitely makes a huge difference! I love the course and all the experience!
- CB
I not only received an excellent education but also encouragement and training that built my self-confidence every day.
- GS

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