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Locally owned and operated, Beo Personal Care has made Community our priority. Our goals are dedicated to making the community of patients and families aware of the importance of improving patient outcomes through helping to reduce the readmission rates into hospitals and decreasing costs long term for the families we serve. By strategic planning and partnerships within the community, Beo can provide, not only beneficial care for your loved one, but also we can be a resource for all healthcare needs.

Partnerships include: Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice and Palliative Care, Department of Defense, Area Agency on Aging, PACE, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Beo Personal Care is a locally owned & operated Colorado Springs business

Our Professional & Experienced Staff

Rocky Mountain Communications Manager


Program Coordinator

Janine is the Program Coordinator for the Beo Nurse Aide Training courses. She retired from Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs but continues to instruct entry-level health care practitioners. After thirty-seven years of nursing in critical care, ER, pediatrics and home health care, she has the training and experience to share and teach outside the hospital and community facility arenas. Her proficiency and knowledge in mentoring CNA’s and technicians was honed in the classroom and refined on the job as she developed teams to provide quality patient care.


Program Instructor

Born and raised in South Dakota, Mary has been in Colorado for the last 23 years. Once Mary finished school in South Dakota, she was relocated here with the United States Air Force, working in Space Operations. With 22 years under her belt she made the transition into nursing, where she has really enjoyed working with people and being a helping hand. The CNA course has gained some additional energy from the upbeat personality Mary brings to Beo everyday.

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Dr. Sharon currently holds the chief-of-staff position at a busy healthcare system in Colorado Springs. He is the head of his ED physician group that staffs a level one and two Trauma centers. Besides sitting on multiple committees navigating through the changing healthcare climate, Dr. Sharon is the Medical Director for Rocky Mountain Mobile Medical. His commitment includes the interview process along with direction for and implementation of on-going training for the EMT’s and Medics. He is actively involved with Quality Improvement for the healthcare providers. He teaches ACLS and PALS courses. Dr. Sharon is an amazing person who holds the bar high for his colleagues!

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