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Certified Nurse Aides are bedside professionals for patients/clients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, long term care centers or in clients’ homes. Certified Nurse Aides assist patients/clients with bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, exercise and take vital signs like blood pressure and temperature. Because they have so much direct contact with residents/clients, they are the “eyes and ears” of doctors and nurses. Certified Nurse Aides are frequently the first healthcare providers who note and report abnormal signs and symptoms that save the lives of many patients/clients.
The Beo Nurse Aide Training Program is not on-line. We are committed to the success of our students and that success relies upon focused, hands-on, supervised practice of pertinent skills. The Colorado Board of Nursing does not approve on-line NAT courses.
Hospitals employ CNA’s in a variety of roles. Long-term care facilities are big employers of CNA’s and there are more than 20 LTC facilities in Colorado Springs alone. Rehabilitation hospitals also employ Certified Nurse Aides. Home care is another huge employer of CNA’s. Baby boomers are here followed closely by the Generation X population. Many families keep their seniors at home with compassionate outside support. Because Certified Nurse Aides have the skills to administer quality care and the licensing to be part of the healthcare team, they are in demand in the home care sector.
The varied job market allows for very competitive compensation, however in 2019, a brand new CNA with no healthcare experience should expect to be offered roughly between $13 and $14 hourly.  There is a tremendous amount of variation in pay throughout Colorado, and experience definitely matters. Check sites like for more information.
Recommendations for Financial Aid

The Beo Training Center is approved for financial aid through the VA and MyCAA.

Veterans Assistance covers Veterans, Active Duty, Dependents (Spouse and Children) and Reservists. Apply for your benefits online at

MyCAA is another military benefit for spouses.

Pikes Peak Workforce Center pays for job training for adults and young adults (ages 16-25) in El Paso County. Check them out at, call (719) 667-3700, or email

REACH (719) 358-8396


Beo employees always receive a scholarship!

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