When they need us, we’re there.

Beo Mobility is a transportation service that accommodates ambulatory clients or those that are confined to a wheelchair or stretcher, including comfortable and dignified bariatric capabilities.  Since we are the only locally owned and operated option for our community, we are able to be flexible towards the needs of each individual that we service and we are able to do it at the  most affordable price.  Our pricing works on a sliding scale so we are able to decrease the price of transportation as the distance increases.  This allows us to meet the needs of our rural communities and bridge the gap of health care services to those that live outside of the city.

Working together with the Beo Training Center and its Nurse-Aide program, we are able to provide our drivers with the necessary education to be prepared in the assistance of full transfers and how to properly handle durable medical equipment.  Beo Mobility’s drivers are BLS certified; TB skin tested and have had full a background check (including driving records) so that we are prepared to handle any of your non-emergent transportation needs.  

We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we are there when you need us!